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If you have not been here, desserts are a BIG DEAL in the South! There is always a cake baked, cookies in the jar, all Church socials are over whelmed with jaw dropping sweets! We even make cake and carry to the families when there is a death! Nothing says "I'm so sorry " like sweets. 

  We Southern daughters were brought up beside our grandmothers learning how a good dough is supposed to be light and a bit springy under our fingers if done right.  We all have an image of our grandmother, in the kitchen, homemade cotton dress, apron on from morning till bedtime, she had two knives,  one for peeling and slicing and a BIG ONE for opening a watermelon in summer. There were aluminum dishpans with either speckled paint or white with a red rim  Back then no one had air conditioning. That kitchen had to be HOT, but I never remember that part. Only the smells of berries cooking to jam and clean jars waiting on a fresh tea towel. Corn splatters from cutting of corn for the winter ahead. All the while me underfoot. Most of the time I was deep into whatever she was cooking, if not she kept a bird feeder ( upside down hubcap) outside of the kitchen window  and would crumble biscuit crumbs . Bird baby sitting is not a bad thing! Kids learn more underfoot than stuffed in a daycare but things are different now. Sigh. She taught me fruit is the sweetest picked when ripe, and that is what makes our desserts shine. That really good tomatoes can  not be found in a store but right from the garden.

   It is not just memories that create our love of really good food and the association of food equals love! We all associate food with feelings don't you think? When a guy asks a girl out... lets go eat. He brings chocolates at Valentines. A grandmother makes cookies when her babies are coming. We help to carry on this tradition. As you shop our store, know that we use fresh ingredients and as much local product as possible. Our families come from a  long line of farmers. Long live the thought that you can plant a seed and make food. It is something you create. And it is a good feeling.  Enjoy your visit with us and come back from time to time as we change along with seasons.  Thank you for letting us come into your home!

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